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Bathroom Flooring - ?Green? Cork Flooring - Cork Tiles in Everett, Washington For Sale

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Bathroom Flooring - ?Green? Cork Flooring - Cork Tiles
There are many factors to consider when choosing the right material for your bathroom flooring. You want something that is priced right, easy to install, easy to keep clean and now a days ?green? is the go to word. Cork flooring for your bathroom brings this and more. Cork flooring is about as eco-friendly and ?green? as you can get. Since the cork bark is carefully hand peeled form each tree, the tree goes on living for 150 years or more. You can?t get greener than that. We offer our cork flooring for bathrooms in 4mm cork tiles, 6mm cork tiles and 8mm sizes and in over 30 stains and patterns ? deciding will be the hardest part. See us today for all your cork floor bathroom needs.
<2. Cork Flooring for Bathrooms ? It?s a Green Thing!! The buzz words these days seem to be green, renewable and eco-friendly. Well cork flooring for bathrooms has them all covered and then some. By ?harvesting? the bark from the Cork Oak, the tree goes on living and produces more cork. Cork Flooring for Bathrooms Makes Things Warm and Wonderful Installing bathroom flooring for bathroom will not only keep your bathroom warm and cozy, but cleaner as well. Update your Bathroom with Cork bathroom flooring Generally bathrooms are the wettest room in your home, so keeping it clean can be a challenge. Cork flooring for bathrooms can change all that and more. Cork flooring for bathrooms repels moisture, mold and mildew keeping it drier. bathroom flooring will insulate your bathroom keeping it warmer. Cork flooring for bathrooms come in so many different styles, colours and patterns that selecting the right one for you can be the hardest part. Head over to Forna, we have cork flooring for bathrooms in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes as well as over 30 patterns all at your fingertips by visiting our online showroom today.Cork repels mold and mildew so all that time spent cleaning you can now spend on other things. The young and young at heart, will appreciate cork flooring in bathrooms as it is considered low slip flooring. Perfect for those wet feet fresh out of the tub or shower. So if you need new flooring look at cork flooring for bathrooms ? it rocks!! Ever wondered why cork floats ? it is full of tiny air pockets. It is these pockets of air that makes cork buoyance. It also means cork is a great insulator and another plus ? it?s hypo-allergenic. You will find using cork flooring in bathrooms means you have a warm and soft floor to walk on. Cork flooring is also moisture resistant so mold and mildew tend to stay away, this making cleaning your bathroom easier and leaves more time for the fun things in life. Cork flooring for bathrooms ? it?s the Green thing to do!!